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What Are The Most Common Beauty Emergencies?

While it’s impossible to predict everything that might go awry on your wedding day, you can take steps to prevent some of the most-common major beauty upsets ahead of time. Review our list of the top beauty disasters, and see how you can deal with them head-on.

A Breakout: Call your dermatologist for an emergency cortisone injection, which will make that breakout disappear.
Streaky Mascara: You can avoid streaks by wearing water-proof (not water-resistant) mascara; but if you forget, blot (don’t wipe) your tears and repair any damage with a touch of foundation.

Shine: Press (don’t rub) blotting tissues against your skin and finish with a light dusting of powder. If you’re missing blotters, grab a fresh seat cover from the dispenser in the ladies room, and tear into strips.
Invisible lipstick: To avoid disappearing lip color, layer the shade by filling in lips with a lip pencil before applying lipstick, blotting, then reapplying. Assign your maid of honor a tube of your color to carry as well as a hand mirror so you can touch up throughout the day.
Flat hair: If your hair is loose, bend over, tousle it with your fingertips, spray hairspray at the roots, and then flip your head back and spray some more.
Chipped polish: Dip a Q-tip in polish remover, and gently smudge the edges of the chip. Fill in with fresh polish.

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