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Students are introduced to basic skills of constructions in Sewing, Tailoring, Flat pattern drafting, and Draping

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The Fashion Design program at 2nd Image College of Fashion offers creative opportunities to transform design ideas into garments and accessories. Students are introduced to basic skills of constructions in Sewing, Tailoring, Flat pattern drafting, and Draping to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering.

Design courses emphasize the principles and aspects of good design, and the drawing and illustration techniques essential for design communication. Further training increases student’s conceptual experiences, enabling them to take an idea from the planning stage through the construction process to the finished garment. Students study computer-aided design and hone their creative problem-solving skills through a variety of design challenges. The faculty nurtures creativity and teaches hands- on skills using traditional tools as well as industrial equipments similar to that found in the fashion design field. The entry level positions as a junior designer, pattern grader, or as in the design or production department.

The objective of the program is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills together with performance standards of industry practices and applications found in coursework as well as hands-on technological applications.
The complete Fashion Design course is a 4-4months semester programme and can be completed in approximately 24 months. Program classes include fundamentals of Constructions, Fashion Illustration, Textiles, History of Fashion, Freehand Cutting and Computerized Patternmaking, Students are taught to use tools and software such as PAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Eligibility for Graduation:

To graduate, a student must complete 100% of credits in his/her program of study.
To qualify for graduation, a student must:

  • Receive a passing grade or credit for all required course work;
  • Earn the minimum required credits for the program;
  • Meet portfolio or other requirements as outlined by the student’s program;
  • Satisfy all financial obligations the College.

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